Explore Perfect Home Carpet With A Virtual Flooring Assistant

Carpet | CarpetsPlus Of Wisconsin

Everyone loves the soft touch of carpet throughout the house, ideal for unwinding after a long day and spending time with the family. With different carpet fibers, constructions, textures, and tones to choose from, homeowners will find incredible design capability from our carpet selection. It’s truly never been easier to…

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What is Waterproof Flooring?

Waterproof flooring | CarpetsPlus Of Wisconsin

In today’s busy lifestyles, anything “blank-proof” automatically sounds like a great idea. Stain-proof? Life-proof? Hack-proof? Water-proof? No matter how you fill in the blank, all of the above means that though things may still go wrong, whatever happens will be less of a big deal. When it comes to floors,…

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Flooring Options For Humid Climates

Flooring | CarpetsPlus Of Wisconsin

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where it feels like summer all year around, chances are you have to deal with more than occasional humidity. In that case, you have some unique considerations when it comes to flooring options. Keep reading for some advice! Tile is…

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Maximalism Style & Why We Love It

Carpet flooring | CarpetsPlus Of Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a new design that will add lots of personality and color to a room in your home, Maximalism could bring the wow factor that you’re looking for! The opposite of Minimalism’s less-is-more aesthetic, Maximalism leans the other direction with its more-is-more sensibility. Instead of crisp white…

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